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About Us

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"Putting Customers first with efficiency and innovation"
- One Market

Buying and selling online activities have been growing in Cameroon, giving birth to a positive move in eCommerce, however, with every new initiative comes a difficulty, for small vendors and shop owners, they are limited to only Instagram and Facebook, with bigger companies taking a market share of the eCommerce bargain, competing sometimes may seem useless. For Customers, this eCommerce growth has also led to the birth of new scams which have resulted in Customers losing their money and even their trust in buying online. We all have seen these problems, and that is why One Market sees a need to mend them. By acting as a market for every-One, we give that power and opportunity for eCommerce to be integrated into our society in the best possible way, for the greater good. Optimizations have been done to provide our Users and Customers with prioritized experience and specifications with our infrastructures. With us, Shops (Vendors) will have the capability to sell their products directly to customers across the Cameroon territory. Innovatively, we hope we can serve the massive and ever-growing Cameroon population efficiently.

Who are We

One Market is a market which is for everyone and by everyone, giving people the ability to hope and trust eCommerce integrating in their daily lives, to ease their daily activities, give them more free time, cut away the stress of leaving the comfort of their homes to carry out shopping and many more using innovative and modern technologies to further innovate the scope of eCommerce and technology in Cameroon, which we have been waiting to come in 2035. With our concept of putting Customers first, we concentrate more on Customer ecstasy and satisfaction.

In our means to innovate E-commerce, we continuously work towards bringing in new and advanced technologies into the lives of every Cameroonian. To effectively make customers get what they want in order and on time, we take full controls of deliveries, conveying them from seller to buyer

What we do

From the name One Market. Two words can be derived “One” = the coming together of something, and “Market” = place where trades and transactions can be made. This gives us that ideal for the coming together of many persons for trade and transaction reasons or a Market which is for everyone and by everyone. With this, we give people the power to exploit the experience which they have never felt before in the scope of eCommerce and technology since One Market is for them and by them. One Market as an eCommerce start-up has as its core function to provide a platform where retailers can sell online and Customers buy safely with Us doing the deliveries. One Market handles these deliveries to ensure security and also quick delivery time. This makes on focus on innovative technologies that can make us attain the goals of security, efficiency, and innovation. Using and incorporating modern insights and technologies, we plan on giving Customers the power to exploit this sector.

Steve Jobs - One Market

Our Vision

The vision which has been put in place and will always show through all the operations One Market involves in is “Putting Customers first with efficiency and innovation”. With our platforms and other innovative ideas such as Learn on One Market, we intend to achieve that.

Our Coverage

One Market which is a new and growing concept is not effectively available in all regions of the country. We cover the following regions mapped out below. Our main coverage lies within areas where our services are available as seen on the map. For the main time, we cover the following Regions;

  • One-CoverageSouth West
  • Littoral
  • Center

This limitation is done so we can assure our customers of safe and speedy delivery systems that they can be accessible to. However, in some areas such as the North West and West or where necessary, we shall use other courier services. With time we look forward to increasing our coverage. Our coverage extends to areas that frequent the use of One market. We may also be very much not available in some areas due to factors not controlled by Us. Read More on Our coverage Here.

Why people use One Market

As a Vendor

Operating an online business is not an easy task. A lot of small shop owners like You coming to sell here face a lot of challenges. This has even made a lot of online vendors stop selling, stop chasing their dreams of becoming successful with it or even lose money. Operating a shop is not an easy task;

Is it the nerving clients who bug our phones all day because they bought from us?
Or is it trying to make more sales by getting more customers as fast as possible?
Or is it the number of clients you have lost just because You can’t deliver easily to that town?
Maybe You have been looking forward to having Your own website, but the costs of building and operating it seems like a burden to Your business.

Say NO MORE, and let One Market come in to fulfill those Your desires and heal those pains.

Vendors comprise Shop owners, Businesses, Authors, and Artists who sell either physical or digital products on One Market and have everything needed at their disposal;

  • We provide you with an easy and customizable platform where you can sell online easily
  • We do not only make You host a shop with Us but drive traffic to One Market via ads and , promotions endorsements which support the functionality of One market.
  • By running Our own ads and promotions, we look forward to driving visitors not only to Our website , but to your shops also.
  • Owing to the somehow expensive and stressful process of running a website which costs a minimum of 27000frs for basic stages such as hosting(other expenses not included) some basic background knowledge of operating it. One Market is more customized towards Your need.
  • Your customizable seller dashboard gives You personal control over Your shop.
    You only need to upload your products on our platform, the accountability, promotion, and delivery are done by Us, leaving you stress-free.
  • Each vendor has a store that has a shareable link for people to visit. Also, each product has its shareable link.
  • To relieve You of stress and quick deliveries, we are taking charge of the deliveries and Customer issues
As a Customer

Ask Yourself these questions

How many times have You as an online shopper heard of people getting scammed online?
How many times have You been scammed online by supposed to be Vendors?
How many times have You had to wait till the weekend or days later before getting what You ordered?
How many times have You had nobody to run to in case You get cheated on when buying online?
How many times have You reached out to get help or support after using a Vendor but haven’t gotten to them?

We can list these problems we all face and the list goes on and on until Cameroon emerges in 2035.

We see our customers as our first priority that is why we have put in place several measures to ensure that You don’t have to worry about any of these problems we all face.

  • Customer Safety: All Vendors on our site have agreed upon policies to make sure you have the best of experience. To prevent scams and fraud, we have gone the extra mile to collect identification documents (such as ID Card information) of our vendors before they have permission to sell, to ensure security and prevent fraudulent acts.
  • Customer Priority: We have as a priority putting customers first so we always give our customers the best of interaction and service.
  • Customer Security: One Market does not only put customers first with efficiency and innovation but also with safety. Your data and transactions are handled with all privacy and safety. One Market also has put in place refund policies that guarantee You a refund for refundable products.
  • Speedy and efficient Delivery: In our main areas of coverage we offer very fast delivery methods (Approximately 2 hours max for in-town deliveries and 8 hours max for out of town deliveries). Also, our home delivery option brings your deliveries to your doorstep

You are One Market and One Market comprises of You, and if You want to make those changes as a Customer or Vendor, don’t hold Yourself back from being part of One Market.

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