We have listened to some of Your Frequently Asked Questions and have thought it wise to respond to them, so You are well vested with what One Market does.

What is One Market?

One Market is an innovative startup company providing a visionary e-commerce platform and service for both Customers and Vendors plus other innovative e-commerce solutions based in Cameroon

What are One Market’s core values?

We focus more on our primary three Es; Customer experience, ecstasy and expectations using innovative solutions.

Does buying from One Market guarantee me security?

Buying from any vendor is like buying from One Market. One Market which brings together shops under its platform is liable to make sure all Vendors are in accordance with terms they have agreed upon while signing up

Who owns One Market?

One Market is owned by every individual who uses It. Founded by Young Cameroon visionaries, we plan to encompass innovation as a solution to future demands.

What can be sold on One Market?

Rankin from physical products such as electronics, to digital products such as eBooks, One Market houses a variety of categories

Can I be scammed on One Market?

We are reasonably certain that can never happen on One Market. The strategies and structures we have put in place to strongly fight fraud and scams are highly guaranteed

How do I become a One Market verified Vendor?

One Market personally recognizes figurative authorized brands and businesses who after going through the process of verifying their shops by submitting legal documents pertaining to the stature of the shop will be verified.

What does it takes to sell on One Market?

One market makes it very easy for anyone to open a shop online and sell very easily and with very little stress. All you need to do is upload open a shop with Us and upload Your products and be notified for a pickup when there is an order.

How fast can One market deliver my order?

If the product fetched is from a Vendor in Your town, the maximum wait time is 2 hours. Between close cities such as Douala, Limbe, and Buea the wait time is not above 3-4 hrs. to get Your order to Your doorstep

Can I sell online without owning a website?

One Market hosts your shop, making you have a personalized link as a shop owner on One Market. This can be used in the place of a website link when required.

How do I sell my Cameroon ebooks online?

People who are involved in selling eBooks on One Market do not register as usual Vendors and have to Contact Us personally and show proof of them being an authorized party to distribute their books and articles.

How is my data used by One Market

One Market greatly treats User’s data with all due respect as to the terms of Our privacy policy. We collect very necessary data which is to better Your experience as a Customer.

Where do I go in case I face a problem?

You can either visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, Contact us via Email, mobile or social media, or better still us our Frequently asked Questions page or Contact page to get to Us.