Operating an online business is not an easy task. A lot of small shop owners like You coming to sell here face a lot of challenges. This has even made a lot of online vendors to stop selling, stop chasing their dreams or even loss money. Operating a shop is not an easy task;

  1. Is it the nerving clients who bug our phones all day because they bought from us?
  2. Or is it trying to make more sales by getting more customers as fast as possible?
  3. Or is it the number of clients you have lost just because You can’t deliver easily to that town?
  4. Maybe You have been looking forward to having Your own website, but the costs of building and operating it seems like a burden to Your business.

Say NO MORE, and let One Market come in to fulfill those Your desires and heal those pains.

One market makes it very easy for anyone to open a shop online and sell very easily, all you need to do is upload open a shop with Us and upload Your products, whenever an order is made we will contact You and pick up the item ordered and then deliver it to the Customer. When the order is completed (delivered), the payment will be made available to you and displayed on Your Vendor dashboard. You can make a withdrawal of Your sales anytime. Opening a shop with us makes you one of our Vendors. You must have read and accepted our Vendor Policy. These policies are put in place to ensure Customer and Vendor protection. Once you have read our terms and conditions, you can now proceed to the Registration/Sign-Up page where You will find the option under the registration form or Click Here. Here you will have to select the Registration type, then fill in information pertaining to who you are and about Your shop. You will be required to fill in; Your Names, Password, Location, Contact information, Store name, and other vital details.

Why One Market?

One Market functions as a hub to ease You as a seller to sell online, relieving You of the stress selling and huddles in getting Customers. With One Market;

  • Forget about receiving a call from any bugging client, the only calls You will receive are from One Market when You have an order or a problem.
  • Stop budgeting money for a website which may not be the cure to Your success, , Your vendors page with the link (https://onemarketc.com/vendor/…….) can be used.
  • It gets even better, imagine just posting a product somewhere and later receiving calls just to ask Your location so it gets picked up? Yeap, we do that, One Market removes You that stress of handling the deliveries and customer stress.
  • Your only competition is You and Your comparative prices, One Market sells no articles, which further means there is no limits to the profits You can make.
  • You are not alone in the task be successful in this, One Market runs it’s own ads, Partnerships, Promotions and campaigns to further increase the traffic to it”s site, favoring You with that traffic of Customers.
  • If You think You may not know how to use One Market or grow Your business, we have special and FREE short courses to make You grow Your eCommerce business here Learn on One Market (click here)
  • And many more which You will experience when You become a Vendor on One Market.

All of these are geared at removing the burden of selling from You the seller and scaling Your shop to the most successful performance

One Market also allows for Authors and artists to sell their songs and eBooks. The process of registering for this is a little bit different as we have to confirm and make sure any song or eBook sold on One Market is not infringed or an unauthorized copy. For Musicians, Record Labels, Authors, and Publishers, You will need to Submit an approval form and we will get in touch with You to provide You with further details if Your request is approved. Please follow this link to learn more Register as an Artist or Publisher.

Later You will go through the process of Verifying Yourself by submitting any legal document of Yours randing from laissez passe, ID Card, Driver’s License, or Business License. You will also be able to put Your store logo, Banner, and other important store information (One Market offers and makes available customized logos for its Vendors For Free. With Your dashboard or on Our Contact us Page You can request One which befits Your shop and business.). Vendors before registering have to pay a small commission of 2000 FCFA billed on their registration and later per month to keep their store up and running on One Market’s platform. This is done to maintain the functionality of the platform and extending the services provided to Vendors. After this is paid, You will be directed to Your dashboard where You can see Sales, Orders, Reviews, Product stats, and announcements. Artists and Authors after being approved will be authorized to sell their digital items. They are exempted from paying 2000 FCFA per month due to the nature of their product.

On the dashboard, You will have to go to settings and Verify Yourself by Uploading Your ID Card, Passport, or Business License to ensure accountability and Customer trust. Verifying Yourself as Vendors gives you a higher chance of Your products shown among the top products on Our store, this is not controlled by Us but Our Website’s algorithm. You will also have to fill in Your payment info, so withdrawals can be made by You.

One Market personally recognizes figurative authorized brands and businesses who after going through the process of verifying their shops by submitting legal documents pertaining to the stature of the shop will be verified. This is noticed by a black verification badge on their shops. Shop owners after submitting these documents will have to wait for a period of 3-7 days while we go through the submitted documents to identify and give our feedback on the approval status. However, specific conditions have to be met for Shops to attain verification. Shop verification is Free and One Market charges nothing for verifying Shop owner.

Using One Market with Social media (Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter

With One Market, You do not need to have a website. One Market does not just act as a place where you sell, but also Your personal website. Your shop is a personal website on One Market, meaning it can be used in any place as Your own website. You can use Your shop on One Market to run ads and drive more online Customers to You. You can get Your shop link and use it on all Your social media pages as Your website to boost the Customers coming to Your shop and also make more sales via social media. It can also be used as a landing page for all of Your ads.

One advantage of you as a Vendor on One Market is that We do not carry or eCommerce activities on Our own, so we concentrate more on bringing in more visitors and Customers by running ads, social media engagements, and dealings to make sure You don’t just have a shop on One Market, but also achieve Your goal of using One Market which is to get more Customers and sales. One Market is not also involved in retailing to make sure we don’t regulate prices for Vendors by competing with them on pricing. You can also read more About Us here. One Market personally concentrates on Customer experience and Vendor’s satisfaction. We run several ads and campaigns via Facebook, Instagram, SMS and other mediums to bring in more Customers and users such as brand awareness strategies and endorsements, so be rest assured Your shop has a spotlight here.


Other Vendor Resources (This is password protected and for Our registered vendors only)