These are the various terms You have to come into agreement with as a user on One Market. This is done so we respect guidelines and also put Customer’s interest first on One Market. Please if You have any problem with any of these policies, feel free to Contact us here.

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Product/Vendor Policy

Selling on our platform is an easy task, but specific obligations have to be met for the safety of the Customers;

  • All products sold must be in accordance with laws put in place by authorities. Harmful and illegal items are prohibited. Read our terms of Use to know more
  • All products uploaded have to be defined with descriptions that match what you have in stock
  • Products showcased have to be in order and functional, this will be verified by Us to assure Customer’s preference
  • Picture qualities have to be made very clear so Customers have a pictorial idea of what they are ordering. We will accept downloaded pictures for brand new products
  • Prices of products have to be stated and slated to an average. Vendors have the ability to also sell on wholesale prices, that is 3 at 1000frs each, 10 at 800frs each, and so on
  • Vendors have to make products available for pick-up and delivery to Customers immediately after they are notified of an order.
  • Guarantees can be meted on products which Vendors warrant guarantee on them. This will be sorted out in our Refund Policy

Customer/Vendor Policy

  • Customers are free to buy openly or create an account in which they can easily track their transactions and receive updates on new products.
  • Customers are prohibited from carrying out direct payment to Vendors for security reasons.
  • Customer and vendor relationship is done via our platform and contact sharing is prohibited.
  • The only method of payment is through One Market’s escrow service, which proceeds with payment to the Vendor on acceptance of delivery by Customer. This is either done online with Mobile Money or Cash on Delivery.
  • Customers are open to give reviews, suggestions and giving reports on Vendors’ activities and products.
  • Customers are also objected to respect policies and behavior on the platform.
  • Customers are free to ask for refunds once obligations or standards are not met by the Vendor. These specifications are presented in our Refund Policy.
  • Customers are called upon to report suspected cases or activities on our platform.
  • Vendors when opening their account will need to key in their; Full Names, Phone Number, Mobile Money Number, ID Card Number, and a picture of your ID card. Well recognized shops who are also in possession of a valid legal document will get a verification badge).
  • Vendors of physical products must have to be from Cameroon so it is available for quick retrieval and delivery.
  • Vendors will need to pay a 2000frs charge per month and a 5-6% commission of each product sold depending on the category of the products. This is done to handle delivery options and transaction charges. Musicians/Authors are liable to pay a 15% commission for every article sold.
  • For security reasons, Vendors will have to go through a process of cross-checking their products for availability and stabilized conditions. If a seller is reported by a buyer once, after a review within 3 days, the seller’s account will be suspended pending explanations by the seller. If a seller is reported 3 times for justified reasons. The account becomes banned with permission only by admin.
  • On payment of a product by the buyer, the seller gets notified of payment and the site’s escrow keeps the money in the One Market merchant account until the order is completed.
  • The minimum withdrawal limit for sellers is 5000frs, if a seller has not reached this limit, he/she cannot be able to withdraw. This is done to reduce Mobile Money charges.
  • Sellers have full access and control of their stores.
  • Vendors are to provide accurate information on the price of the products they sell.
  • Sellers cannot operate more than 1 shop without permission from One Market.
  • Sellers are prohibited from influencing ratings and feedback from customers.
  • Sellers ought to provide accurate delivery information and on-time delivery.
  • An order cannot be canceled when delivery has been completed, except it is a refund.
  • In accordance with our Refund policy, customers have the right to ask for refunds under specific conditions. This is done after the investigation of circumstances from our team.